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Book Launch: New Times Tables Workbook

Available now, on Amazon at the introductory price of £6.99.

For a number of years, I've been concerned about the levels of overwhelm I see in many children learning their times tables. At primary school, I also found these fiddly facts difficult to learn too. For this reason, I set about creating a resource that takes a step by step approach to learning times tables.

As a qualified teacher and tutor, I recognise that sometimes children start learning their times tables before they are really ready. Time needs to be taken to practice counting in equal steps first. Children also need time seeing times tables facts as quantities with physical objects and by drawing rows of dots (arrays). These physical and visual activities help children to understand the value of these facts. Children are more likely to recognise times tables facts in other areas of maths and apply them correctly if they have had time to understand the concepts of 'groups of' or 'lots of' rather than just times tables facts.

If your child is starting to learn their times tables or is finding them difficult to remember, this book will take out the sting and help them buzz with progress.

Use the link below to order your copy.


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